Defiance Capital joins reBASE LAND

Defiance Capital “Defiance Observatory Park”

reBASE Investor Overview: Defiance Capital

DeFiance Capital is a crypto-focused venture fund based in Asia. As their name implies, they place a heavy interest in the DeFi ecosystem, along with the rapidly growing industry of blockchain gaming. This area of focus emanates from the firm’s convictions that DeFi will eventually replace traditional finance over the next decade, and that blockchain gaming will soon become mainstream.

With investments in premier DeFi protocols such as Multichain, dYdX, Aave, and Trader Joe, DeFiance Capital strives to have an active approach to investing by taking initiatives like bootstrapping for scalability, providing thought leadership and offering guidance on project-building.

reBASE is proud to be a part of DeFiance Capital’s well-rounded Web3 investment portfolio as we look to lead the next generation of GameFi and metaverse.


reBASE LAND itself is the first social metaverse land mimicking the real world using unique Dymaxion Projection. Users can purchase virtual plots as NFT tokens where their counterpart is actually in the physical, real world. Each land becomes a promotional portal for their business, idea, or brand and users can add liquidity and stake their LAND to unlock native reBASE token rewards!

Our land staking on reBASE will allow us to cement our commitment whilst granting us the following Land Utilities:

1. Landowners will have access to purchase the gallery module where landowners will get airdrops from reBASE COLLECTION NFTs to act as a seller and receive commission on every NFT sales transaction.

2. Landowners will be granted the capacity to stake native tokens, with the amount of tokens dependent on the size of their land. For example, on large land, users have the ability to stake 100K USD worth of tokens.

3. The land will give access to early NFT minting based on specific regions. For example, if they drop a Nike NFT collection in LA, all landowners residing in the LA region will get early access.

4. They will commence with small batches every month with their unique selection of districts, which will have unique landmarks owned by their collaboration partners and investors. They will be announcing the partners and whitelisting for each district.

5. Every month, since they have a lot of top-tier NFTs, they will conduct exclusive airdrops for lucky landowners e.g an NFT worth 10k.

6. Users or brands that wish to drop NFT collections on our land will need to pay us fees to use our land.

Stay tuned for more announcements for reBASE LAND!


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