reBASE LAND: Land Pioneer Program: Los Angeles Edition (Whitelist)

5 min readFeb 9, 2022

THE NEW FRONTIER — Registrations will begin on February 9th, 2022

Land Pioneer Program (LA Land Whitelist) — APPLY HERE

“We want to change the world and what better way than together as a community.” — reBASE Team

reBASE is excited to introduce our first Land Pioneer Program, which will take place from February 9 to February 22. It’s time to create, connect, and explore within a fully immersive 3D metaverse — the only limit is your imagination!

The reBASE team has adopted a whitelisting system that promotes rewarding quality content and community engagement from members. The way it works is simple — you will earn consideration by either: creating content that showcases your talents/skills, getting noticed by other members for your positive engagement, or meeting any of the other criteria below. We decided to go with this route as it encourages organic community growth rather than the disingenuous community engagement that arises from shilling, spam posts and not interactive giveaways.

Before going into whitelist details, let’s make sure to understand the different Land Plots and their rarities.

Total Whitelist Spots: 600 (APPLY HERE)

We will now go into detail about how you can participate in the whitelist program to secure yourself a spot.

reBASE LAND: Whitelist Process — APPLY HERE

The strength of our community has always been, in part, its ability to self-organize around specific goals. We will make use of the incredible talent, passion and resourcefulness emanating from our community members to create content and awareness that will help us grow organically. As everyone has their own individual strengths and abilities, we will strive to identify the skills, talents and values of each member of our community in order to leverage their abilities to the maximum. In doing so, members can share an appreciation for each other and ultimately help generate value for everyone involved.

To participate, choose a category that best suits you and follow the appropriate steps! It’s that easy.

Remember, the secret to success: “We value high-quality submissions that have a lot of thought put into them.”

Note: You can enter as many categories as you like. You are NOT limited to one category.

Please follow the instructions below:


1. Artistic Creation (150 Tier-5 & 100 Tier-4 & 50 Tier-3 Whitelist Spots) → SUBMIT FORM

This category is for all the graphic designers, the memers, the musicians and the writers of our community. Awaken your inner artist and showcase your most amazing artistic creation to our team! There are no limitations on choice of medium for artistic expression, so this gives everyone a good chance to participate.

Here are some examples of what you could submit:

  • reBASE LAND concept designs (building, characters, environment etc)
  • Stickers
  • Emojis
  • Memes
  • Music
  • Poetry

Content MUST be related to the reBASE brand AND/OR the upcoming release of reBASE LAND.

2. Content Creation (100 Tier-5 & 100 Tier-4 Whitelist & Spots) → SUBMIT FORM

Content makes the world go round, and we are looking for members from all over the globe to spread the word about reBASE. Content must be original, high-quality and informative. There are no restrictions regarding type of content, as long as it is safe and appropriate.


  • Explain reBASE LAND and why it’s innovative
  • Must link to the official reBASE website AND/OR link to reBASE’s socials found at the end of this article.

Any platform is allowed, and no advantage is given to one platform over another.

3. Community Engagement → Please check Discord Channel HERE

We want to reward reBASE members who are consistently engaging with the community and being a positive influence for others. It is important to note that this engagement must be meaningful ie. spam is not tolerated.

For this category, you should be:

  • Engaging on reBASE socials, with a focus on Discord
  • Helping fellow members by answering their questions and directing them the right way
  • Being proactive
  • Keeping the good vibes going

No need to force anything, just be an exemplary community member and you will be noticed!

*There is no submission required for this category.

4. Documentation and Ideation (50 Tier-5 & 50 Tier-4 Whitelist Spots) → SUBMIT FORM

We need hands-on members who go above and beyond to help the reBASE community. This category requires you to spend time researching, digesting information and producing useful content that will aid the growth of reBASE.

Examples of how you could contribute for this category:

  • Documenting reBASE announcements/alfa for newcomers
  • Translating reBASE information
  • Formulating ideas and suggestions for reBASE LAND development, potential partnerships
  • Research on metaverse news/trends that could be relevant to reBASE

Any produced work MUST be your own. Copying or stealing work from others will NOT be tolerated.

Whitelist winners will be announced on February 24 via email.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Can I participate in more than one category?

Yes, there is no limit to how many categories you can participate in. However, it should be noted that participating in multiple categories does not increase your chances of securing a spot. Participation will be assessed based on QUALITY over QUANTITY.

How many reBASE LAND whitelist spots are there available?

There will be a total of 600 whitelist spots up for grabs. These spots will be divided amongst the four categories, with each category offering a different amount of spots.

Can I edit my response after I have submitted it?

Yes, you may edit your response as many times as you’d like until we close submissions.

What are the prices of each tier of reBASE LAND?

Tier 5 Land is 7 SOL, Tier 4 Land is 20 SOL, Tier 3 Land is 80 SOL, Tier 2 Land is 200 SOL , and Tier 1 Land is (Auction Only)

How will I know if I was chosen as a successful participant in the Land Pioneer Program?

We will be announcing the whitelist winners for this Land Pioneer Program on February 24 via email.

Why Los Angeles?

Due to the geo-location familiarity and abundance of docs on NFT market development in Los Angeles, Los Angeles is the first region we are offering to the public. With every new launch of reBASE LAND, a new region will be chosen as the focus of the sale.

What do you get with a whitelist spot?

If you get a whitelist position, this means that you will have the ability to purchase a specific allocation of reBASE LAND. Your wallet address will be submitted to us along with your Google Form submission, and if you are selected, we will whitelist this address for minting on the Land Type you have been assigned, and you will be able to mint your land for the corresponding price.



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