reBASE LAND (Los Angeles): Public Sale Announcement

3 min readMar 15, 2022

🚨 Public Sale for reBASE LAND in Los Angeles

⏰ Date: March 17th 2022 5 PM CET

📍 Official Minting Website:

💻 Official Minting Guide: HERE

Users will be able to mint LA Land Boxes in our Public Sale. Each LA Land Box contains a Land Plot in Los Angeles that is tokenized as an NFT.

There will be a minting cap at ONE Land Box per wallet.

There will be FOUR types of Land Boxes available for minting in the Public Sale:

Users will be able to see the location of their Land Plot on the DROPP Map immediately after unboxing.

Trading on secondary markets will commence after the Public Sale ends.

IMPORTANT: When in doubt, type it out. Check that the site you are on is


reBASE is creating a social metaverse that is anchored to physical space, bridging the divide between the digital and physical worlds by enabling users to interact with virtual objects and environments in the real world.

reBASE saw the need to change the intangibility of the metaverse by mapping the real world to the metaverse. This led to the creation of reBASE LAND, the first social metaverse land mimicking the real world using unique Dymaxion Projection to minimize distortion of shapes and sizes. Thus, reBASE LAND set out to provide distinguished experiences so that users can create their journey, starting from a holistic view of the Earth where users can buy virtual land that overlays the real-world location.

Each LAND will initially serve as an interactive portal for your NFT, business, event, brand and more. In the future, reBASE LAND will integrate gamification features and user generated content to further develop the reBASE LAND experience.

reBASE LAND is a module available from a web application that allows you to purchase virtual plots as NFT tokens, but their counterpart is in the real world.

reBASE LAND Utility

Utility that is consistent across all tiers of land include:

  1. Profit-sharing of the Protocol’s Earnings
  2. DeFi: Staking & Yield Farming (of the Native reBASE Token)
  3. Early Access to reBASE Collections/Launchpad: Exclusive NFT Collection Drops
  4. Top-Tier NFT Airdrops
  5. Marketing Vehicle: Users or brands that wish to drop NFT collections on your land will need to pay you fees to use your land
  6. Galleries: Curate and Promote NFT Collectibles on your land
  7. Access to a wide range of Ecosystem Partner Perks including virtual events, virtual concerts and airdrops!
  8. In the future, we will implement the UGC items as well as gamification on reBASE LAND

Tier-exclusive utility benefits are explained in this article: reBASE LAND Tier Benefits


reBASE Official Website:









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