Here’s a cheat sheet for most of the information we have released about reBASE LAND thus far.

What is reBASE LAND?

It is virtual land that is layered over the real world.

Wen whitelist?

The Land Pioneer Program for the upcoming premiere launch of reBASE LAND in Los Angeles is already underway. Submissions will close on February 22nd and the whitelist winners will be announced on February 24th. (Submit your reBASE RELATED content [reBASE LOGO or BRANDING should be included] via google drive link, twitter post, discord meme link, youtube video, tiktok video, instagram post and more — Submissions)

How many whitelist spots?


How to buy?

reBASE LAND will be sold through loot boxes. Each tier of loot box will have different odds for different tiers of land. The highest tier of land will only be sold via auction


Tier 1 Loot Box: Auction Only

Tier 2 Loot Box: 200 SOL

Tier 3 Loot Box: 80 SOL

Tier 4 Loot Box: 20 SOL

Tier 5 Loot Box: 7 SOL


reBASE seeks to create a metaverse that is tangible for users, one where the experiences of the real and virtual worlds can be simultaneous.


reBASE’s geolocation technology is a key enabler.


reBASE LAND utility is all about value creation and self-expression. Let’s say that you buy a plot of virtual land that covers Disneyland. On this plot of land, you build and customize your virtual space. You’re a big fan of Mark Gonzales so you decide to build an NFT gallery that features your beloved Shmoos and a massive sign next to the building saying, “TO THE SHMOON”. All DROPP users that visit Disneyland will see and interact with your virtual space. If they want to enter your NFT gallery, they can pay you a fee to gain access.

Moar utility?

There are many other utilities for reBASE LAND. The main ones include:

DeFi — Selling land, renting land, staking the reBASE token.

NFT — Receive commission for every NFT sales transaction that occurs on your land.

3D AR — Animated objects that can be added to your virtual space.

Gamification — Visiting certain locations will allow you to obtain unique NFTs.

For a much more in-depth explanation about the utility of reBASE LAND, read our whitepaper.

See you in reBASE LAND.


reBASE Official Website:








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