reBASE: Why Did We Start This?

3 min readMar 29, 2022

The progression of time sees the systems of traditional industries being disrupted by innovation. With the emergence of Web3 and blockchain technology, Web2 platforms are beginning to adapt their product models to a shifting paradigm. A prime example of this is Facebook rebranding themselves as Meta, a response to the growing metaverse revolution. However, this change was not well-received by the public, with Facebook losing around $500 billion since the rebrand.

What is the problem?

The metaverse is largely intangible and a concept that’s hard to grasp, making widespread adoption of the virtual world a tall order. People are skeptical of the value that is being ascertained to the metaverse, with most people writing it off as deceptive marketing. Misconceptions that label NFTs as just jpegs and virtual land as a delusion are just some of the impressions that emanate from innovation in its earliest stage.

With some people exploring the evolving state of Web3 and the metaverse at full throttle, and others still detached in a Web2 society, there exists a disconnect between the two worlds. This is a fundamental reason that is inhibiting not only the metaverse, but also broader aspects of crypto and blockchain from entering the mainstream.

And so reBASE was born.

The purpose of reBASE is to become a platform that solves this issue by effectively bridging the two worlds together. We recognized the need for a middle ground, where people can experience the best of both worlds to the fullest. We combine traditional media such as Facebook, Instagram and Youtube, with the innovation of blockchain, NFTs, AR/VR and the metaverse to create a virtual world of communication and data exchange that is tied in with the real world via geolocalization technology.

reBASE essentially leverages geolocalization technology to layer the metaverse over the real world, reimagining people’s perception of virtual reality. By adding this level of tangibility to the metaverse, user interaction with not only virtual products, but with other users, becomes an immersive experience. Social interaction on a physical level is intrinsic, and this is a core value that inspired our vision for reBASE.

reBASE’s vision doesn’t end there. By bridging Web2 to Web3, we want to become an avenue for celebrities, brands, and creators who have not yet ventured into this space to express their worlds. The reBASE COLLECTION was made for this very reason, an exclusive series of works that will lead the artistic movement from within a metaverse setting. Through the reBASE COLLECTION, we want to cultivate a culture of prestige, where both creators and their followers can experience the highest quality products and services.

Built upon a decentralized model, reBASE gives users a freedom of expression, a medium to create, promote and monetize their own works within an open metaverse. We envision the reBASEverse as a grand social network, offering unimaginable opportunities to connect and interact with people on a global scale.

By eliminating the perceived dichotomy between the real and virtual worlds, reBASE is on a mission to reimagine the metaverse experience for the next generation.

As a platform, as a brand, and as a lifestyle.

Welcome to reBASE.


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