Introducing $REBL: A New Age of Utility

4 min readMar 31, 2022


DISCLAIMER: The $REBL token ticker is subject to change.

This article will cover the main utility & tokenomics of the $REBL token.

Executive Summary:

  • The $REBL token empowers its holders with governance rights to vote on future IP collaborations, transactional fees of the reBASE protocol, and major network decisions.
  • $REBL token holders will gain access to highly exclusive curated NFT collections from the reBASE Launchpad.
  • The $REBL token will have many use cases for in-platform assets eg. Find2Earn, curated NFTs (from the reBASE Launchpad), reBASE LAND, and much more.
  • The entire tokenomics of $REBL is designed to create and reward long-term holders and believers of the reBASE platform.

$REBL Token Utility: The Complete reBASE Experience

We are entering a new generation within the metaverse space. The $REBL token is here to bring a new age of utility through multiple avenues of real use cases to ensure its holders will always have a reason to enjoy the reBASE platform.

Governance Rights

The $REBL token empowers its holders with the ability to make crucial decisions together with the reBASE network about its future activities and initiatives. These will include (but are not limited to): future IP collaborations of the network, transactional fees of the reBASE protocol, and major network decisions. Simply put, by being a $REBL token holder and staking the token on the reBASE platform, users will be able to provide their opinions and exercise their voting rights to the network.

Exclusive Access

Exclusivity and being a part of something special is a key reBASE element. $REBL token holders will have access to all the benefits relating to the most influential and reputable ecosystem partners from within the industry. Equally important, the holders of the $REBL token will have special access to reBASE Curated NFT Collections, granting the user priority rights to traditional legacy brand and celebrity NFT Collections, as well as extravagant real-life events.

In-Platform Assets

The $REBL token allows users to gain access to the best products and services the reBASE network has to offer. $REBL token holders will receive exclusive rewards for in-platform assets that range from a multitude of areas: reBASE LAND, Gallery Module add-ons, airdrops/campaigns from various partners within the ecosystem, and much more.

One important use case for $REBL will be as an in-game token for the reBASE APP. The $REBL token gives users the full Find2Earn experience, where greater utilities and benefits can be achieved. There will be major opportunities to utilize the $REBL token to the fullest by ensuring users are able to fully customize & maximize their experience in the reBASE APP.

$REBL Tokenomics: Creating & Rewarding Long-Term Holders

Total Supply: 500,000,000 $REBL tokens


Seed Round: 1 year Cliff, 18 Month linear Vesting (Unlocked monthly)

Private Round: 9 month Cliff, 18 Month linear Vesting (Unlocked monthly)

Strategic Round: 7 month Cliff, 18 Month linear Vesting (Unlocked monthly)

Strategic Round II: 7 month Cliff, 18 Month linear Vesting (Unlocked monthly)

Public Round Distribution: 100% UNLOCKED

Advisory: 1 Year Cliff, 24 Month Linear Vesting

Team: 1 Year Cliff, 24 Month Linear Vesting

Liquidity: 2% Unlocked TGE. 24 Month Linear Vesting

Marketing: 1 month locked. 5% Release monthly

Treasury: 3% Unlocked TGE. 6 Month Cliff. 24 month Linear Vesting

Ecosystem Rewards: Based on Mining and Farming Initiatives

*** Due to our strong focus on building long-term value for the reBASE community, our tokenomics are designed with long-term value creation in mind. We believe that great things take time to build properly and will require long-term commitment from the team.


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