Introducing $REBL: A New Age of Utility

Executive Summary:

  • The $REBL token empowers its holders with governance rights to vote on future IP collaborations, transactional fees of the reBASE protocol, and major network decisions.
  • $REBL token holders will gain access to highly exclusive curated NFT collections from the reBASE Launchpad.
  • The $REBL token will have many use cases for in-platform assets eg. Find2Earn, curated NFTs (from the reBASE Launchpad), reBASE LAND, and much more.
  • The entire tokenomics of $REBL is designed to create and reward long-term holders and believers of the reBASE platform.

$REBL Token Utility: The Complete reBASE Experience

We are entering a new generation within the metaverse space. The $REBL token is here to bring a new age of utility through multiple avenues of real use cases to ensure its holders will always have a reason to enjoy the reBASE platform.

$REBL Tokenomics: Creating & Rewarding Long-Term Holders


reBASE Official Website:



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Geo-Based Minting, Land, and AR, developed with usable NFTs.