Introducing reBASE LAND: A New Metaverse Mimicking the Real World

4 min readFeb 1, 2022

Welcome to reBASE LAND!

reBASE is creating a social metaverse that is anchored to physical space, bridging the divide between the digital and physical worlds by enabling users to interact with virtual objects and environments in the real world.

reBASE saw the need to change the intangibility of the metaverse by mapping the real world to the metaverse. This led to the creation of reBASE LAND, the first social metaverse land mimicking the real world using unique Dymaxion Projection to minimize distortion of shapes and sizes. Thus, reBASE LAND set out to provide distinguished experiences so that users can create their journey, starting from a holistic view of the Earth where users can buy virtual land that overlays the real-world location.

Each LAND will initially serve as an interactive portal for your NFT, business, event, brand and more. In the future, reBASE LAND will integrate gamification features and user generated content to further develop the reBASE LAND experience.

reBASE LAND Details

reBASE LAND is a module available from a web application that allows you to purchase virtual plots as NFT tokens, but their counterpart is in the real world.

Different Plots/ Rarity

The plot bought as an NFT exists on the map, in a real place, in a real city and neighborhood. You become the owner of a real area, with the NFT token being a record of that area’s surface shape and location. You can place your own logo and building on the plots as an advertising device. There will be five types of plots:

  • reBASE Super Star PLOTS — The most special plot. These plots are in prime locations containing the most distinguished landmarks. Star plots are the largest in size (Range: ~75 hexes).
  • reBASE Star PLOTS — These plots are in prime locations near Star plots and are smaller in size compared to Star plots (Range: 35- 50 hexes).
  • reBASE Diamond PLOTS — These plots are in select locations or known places and are smaller in size compared to Diamond plots (Range: 25–35 hexes).
  • reBASE Gold PLOTS — These plots are located in a designated city and are the second smallest in size (Range: 20–25 hexes).
  • reBASE Silver PLOTS — These plots are located in a designated city and are the smallest in size (Range: 10–20 hexes).

Loot Boxes

Plots will be obtained from loot boxes. There will be five tiers of loot boxes and depending on the tier, there will be different chances of obtaining different tiers of plots.

*Note: Ratios may vary based on collection sale!

Plots can be bought, sold or rented.

We will place 3D objects on the plots such as buildings, building elements, characters, animations etc. This is all made possible thanks to the reBASE 3D module. Objects will be visible on the real world map in 3D.

Land Utility

  1. Landowners will be granted the capacity to stake native tokens, with the amount of tokens dependent on the size of their land. For example, on large land, users have the ability to stake 100K USD worth of tokens.
  2. The land will give access to early NFT minting based on specific regions. For example, if we drop a Nike NFT collection in LA, all landowners residing in the LA region will get early access.
  3. We will be starting with small batches every month with our unique selection of districts which will have unique landmarks owned by our collaboration partners and investors. We will be announcing the partners and whitelisting for each district.
  4. Every month, since we have a lot of top-tier NFTs, we will have exclusive airdrops. We will be giving lucky landowners airdrops (eg. maybe they could be airdropped an NFT worth 10K, who knows 👀).
  5. Users or brands that wish to drop NFT collections on your land will need to pay you fees to use your land.

Users will be able to participate in the whitelist and private land sale to purchase land during reBASE’s first land grab event starting on [TBD]. The detailed announcement on land economics and pricing will be revealed this week. Stay tuned and welcome to reBASE LAND!


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