Launching the reBASE APP

3 min readJul 8, 2022

The reBASE Find2Earn model is finally here. With the launch of the new reBASE APP, users will be able to experience the next level of NFTs through integrations of geolocation technology. Explore the hidden treasures of reBASE’s real-world metaverse as you find, interact with, and collect exclusive NFTs. It’s time to begin the hunt… Grab your B4CKP4CKs and let’s begin the reVOLUTION!

Why do we need the reBASE APP?

The reBASE APP was created to bridge the gap between the real and virtual worlds. The metaverse gains a new layer of tangibility with the reBASE APP, immersifying people’s experience of a virtual reality. By layering the metaverse over the physical world using geolocation technology, people will not only be able to interact with NFTs, but also with the physical environment they are in. On top of this, the generation of social interaction on both a virtual and physical level will also become an important aspect of the reBASE APP.

As an all-in-one application, the reBASE APP will be used to find and collect NFTs, and gives users the ability to buy and sell these NFTs through an integrated Marketplace. reBASE aims to provide the most effective and accessible user experience for a web3 application.

Find2Earn comes to life!

The treasure hunt is coming to life. Find2Earn makes its debut with the reBASE APP and lets its users partake in a real-life RPG adventure. Think web3 Pokémon GO, where people physically hunt for NFTs to collect and own. Forget tracking NFTs in a blockchain explorer, now you can track them on a real-world GPS.

The NFTs will be location-exclusive, which means that certain NFTs can only be found in certain areas. Only once you have physically found the NFT can you collect and claim it as yours. This is the Find2Earn concept, a simple yet immersive way to reward users.

The reBASE APP uses the concept of a B4CKP4CK, where users equip themselves with a backpack to store any items that are found along the hunt. B4CKP4CKs will have different rarities, levels and durabilities, as well as attributes that can be leveled up to enhance the user’s exploring potential in their treasure hunt. More in-depth details about B4CKP4CK will be released soon in a later article.

Looking ahead…

reBASE is committed to building the most engaging web3 experience for our community. We will constantly be expanding our partnerships to grow the reBASE ecosystem, which includes both web3 AND web2 companies who can bring real-life value to the reBASE project. If you are unaware, reBASE already has a flourishing group of partners (check our Medium for all our major partnership announcements) and we are continually working hard to find fresh new entities to connect with. The launch of the reBASE APP is a major milestone for us, and we look forward to it being in action. Let the reVOLUTION begin!


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