Partnership Announcement: reBASE x GuildFi

2 min readMar 4, 2022


Introducing our newest partner and investor — GuildFi! With a bustling community, GuildFi has introduced Guild 2.0, reimagining the way users can connect with everything the metaverse has to offer. Welcome to reBASE!

About GuildFi

GuildFi is a Web3 infrastructure that sports a massive ecosystem interconnecting the blockchain world and the metaverse, amongst many other aspects of Web3. With fully integrated games including Axie Infinity and Sandbox, GuildFi is building a strong network that will ultimately allow for a smooth transition to a DAO run by gamers, for gamers. Aiming to enable interoperability across the metaverse and thus maximizing player benefits, GuildFi has set up a system primarily categorized into two functions: the Gaming Center and the Zones.

Gaming Center

GuildFi’s Gaming Center is the central hub which connects the player to the wide expanse of the gaming metaverse. Players own a GuildFi ID that is used like a metaverse passport. Using this identity, players can experience and participate in game discovery, guild discovery and proof-of-play rewards. In short, GuildFi has simplified the process of navigating the world of GameFi for users of any level of experience.


Zones serve as the vehicles for growing value in the GuildFi ecosystem, with the main zones being the Guild Zone, NFT Zone and Tools Zone. Each Zone effectively targets a specific area and channels resources to each of them for maximum efficiency. The key idea is that while they have different purposes, all the Zones remain interconnected for players within the GuildFi ecosystem.

reBASE x GuildFi — Why the partnership?

We will be working closely together to give the public an awareness of another level of interaction within the metaverse. Our partnership will have a key focus on geo-based NFT minting, with an exclusive NFT that will only be mintable when users are around certain coordinates. Guildfi will be entering reBASE LAND with their Guildfi HQ for a future city release. Stay tuned!

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