Partnership Announcement: reBASE x Meta Kongz

2 min readMar 20, 2022
Kongz City Hall

We are excited to announce a partnership with Meta Kongz, the premier NFT project in Klaytn! We welcome their active community into the reBASE ecosystem, as we look to develop and grow positive NFT culture within the reBASE LAND.

About Meta Kongz

Meta Kongz Co., Ltd. is South Korea’s leading NFT project company. Their vision is to become a ‘Post-Metaverse Leading Company’, the next-generation global platform company based on outstanding blockchain technology and marketing. Their main project, Meta Kongz, is the all-time number one NFT project on Opensea in the Klaytn-based market. The Meta Kongz company also operates from project planning to development, minting, and community management for their partner projects. They have a huge influence on the Klaytn market and through continuous partnerships and collaborations with global projects, the Meta Kongz company looks to move forward and expand their ecosystem through globalization beyond the Korean market.

reBASE x Meta Kongz — Why the partnership?

This partnership is key to our global expansion and cultural movement within the NFT space, creating an opportunity for both Meta Kongz and reBASE to promote and connect our ecosystems.

- NFT Showcasing

By utilizing the reBASE Gallery Module, Meta Kongz can effectively showcase their platform’s top NFT collections. Selected NFTs will be displayed and promoted to reBASE users who interact with the Gallery. In doing so, Meta Kongz can introduce and provide exposure to their project, from which users can get a grasp of what the world of Meta Kongz is about.

- Meta Kongz LAND

Meta Kongz LAND will serve as a space where members of the Meta Kongz community can utilize and/or throw events. The land will exist as a central hub for all things related to Meta Kongz, and reBASE users will be able to interact with the land to learn more about the community.

- In The Future

Goals to expand the Korean NFT market with reBASE and launching geo-based NFT and AR in partnership with Meta Kongz.

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