reBASE [RE B4S3] — (Previously Known as DROPP)

2 min readMay 15, 2022

There are different paths that crypto projects take to achieve varying levels of success.

Path 1: Create a carbon copy of the industry leader.

Path 2: Apply a model of the industry leader and build upon it.

Path 3: Create the model and become the industry leader.

The path we are taking? Path 3.

We are [RE]BELS, a [RE]VOLUTION, a [RE]VERSAL of the status quo. We are not here to play the game; we are here to change it. With the Find2Earn gamification mechanism of reBASE, we will [RE]VOLUTIONIZE the concept of NFTs by enabling geo-location technology.

Welcome to reBASE.

The [RE] Philosophy

The [RE] philosophy is predicated on the concept of shifting paradigms, where new ideas are formed against the established. It takes an existing model and reimagines it, introducing innovative mechanisms that evolve perceptions of what is possible. [RE] represents the capacity to think differently of one’s environment in order to create a new standard of product innovation.

Specifically, [RE] stands for [RE]BEL, [RE]VOLUTION and [RE]VERSE, three key pillars upon which [RE]BASE is built. Similar to how Apple identifies their products with their signature letter ‘i’, such as iPhone, iMac, iPad etc., reBASE uses the [RE] model to form the crux of its products. It serves as a symbol of reBASE’s vision to be a rebel in the crypto world, unconforming to the meta and instead building its own narrative.

[RE] forms the [BASE]

Essentially, the reBASE brand uses the [RE] notion as its foundation, as its [BASE]. It is fundamental to the reBASE mission and is the source of reBASE’s core values and ideals.

reBASE is forward-thinking, constantly looking to make moves that will push the innovation of the Web3 metaverse space as a whole. To become an industry-leading platform, reBASE aims to change the conventional model and offer something new. An example that demonstrates this is the reBASE Find2Earn model, a reinvention of the Play2Earn model that utilizes the key reBASE elements of geolocation and AR technology, social interaction, and exclusive design.

The reBASE Mission

reBASE will look to offer new types of user experiences that help realize the potential for mainstream adoption of the Web3 metaverse. As the project grows and develops, the goal of reBASE is to surpass that of a brand and become a culture that breeds innovation through a [RE]BEL’s mindset. reBASE will [RE]VOLUTIONIZE the Web3 metaverse as a social network that exists both physically and virtually, [RE]VERSING traditional views of purely digital metaverse interactions.

The next stage of Web3 metaverse evolution is here. It’s time to [RE]BASE.


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